Procedural Services

Osool Law Firm & Legal Consultancy prepares companies’ organizational structures and creates the job description, salary scale, prepares the regulation, the companies’ work and workers system regulation, preparation of feasible studies for all the industrial and service projects and provision of the services of implementation of medical contracts and management of dispensaries and hospitals.

The firm requests issuance of licenses for individuals and foreign companies, in accordance with the foreign capital investment law with participation of national companies or contribution by a whole foreign capital (the foreign capital investment law, the executive regulations thereof and the negative list.)

Additionally, the firm carries out establishment and liquidation procedures of all types of commercial companies as well as carrying out amendments on such procedures. It, also, provides studies for statutes, regulations and administrative structures of institutions and companies; it carries out, also, the procedures of registration, renewal and protection of trademarks; the procedures of registration of patents and filing cases to consider the grievances related thereto. This is in addition to the procedures of registration of  commercial agencies, the procedures of requesting issuance of institutions’ commercial registers as well as amending thereof and writing-off the contractors’ classification and the procedures of requesting issuance of the industrial licenses and making amendments thereon.

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