Financial Claims and Collection Thereof

Osool Law Firm & Legal Consultancy undertakes on behalf of the clients thereof pleading and defending before all courts, chambers as well as judiciary and banking committees, including the Board of Grievances, and the Office of settlement of negotiable instruments’ (returned cheques) disputes. The firm undertakes, also, pleading and defending in the lawsuits of covering, commercial fraud; the lawsuits of commercial and civil arbitration and conducting reconciliation between the disputing parties. This is in addition to collecting debts from others through reconciliation or litigation. The firm undertakes the disputes of insurance, labor claims, the Sharia and criminal personal status cases, besides the inheritance division and settlement of estates.

Our firm is distinguished by having a separate department for collection entertaining expertise and knowledge of regulatory follow-up and prosecution. The firm is represented by some local and foreign banks and others and such firm enables the same banks to obtain the financial claims thereof from the public and private sector’s debtors.

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